Pardes Project is an NGO that brings talented Torah Scholars from Israel’s ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) community, who have spent years learning intensely in one of the established Kollels, into respected professional careers in Israel’s security and  intelligence community all the while maintaining their religious identity. 


The organization will provide a better future for the youth of the Haredi community by offering them training in an elite and specialized academic study program, in tandem with continuation of their religious studies. Upon successful completion of the Pardes program, suitable candidates will be employed in various positions at Israeli security institutions or other government related entities, dealing with defense, cyber, computer science, research and information analysis. The founders and driving force of Pardes are all ultra-Orthodox Jews who have developed a deep knowledge and strong familiarity with Israeli security and intelligence units and as such, they present themselves as authentic role models as distinguished individuals from the Haredi community who have successfully contributed to Israeli society.


Faith – Trust

Pardes espouses a vision of a community in which everyone has his or her own place to contribute and nourishes the heritage of faith and enhances the religious identity of those Haredi participants. 

Pardes is the Bridge that allows them to walk safely on their journey of faith as they develop their special talents and skills, largely accrued from Talmudic study. 


Kindness – Mercy

Pardes creates a safe environment where participants deepen their relationship with the Almighty while being connected to studies and professional work.

The organization shines light on the true meaning of “rahamim” (mercy). This is particularly relevant with regards to those who are very talented and have limited resources to pursue an academic program.   


New Vision of the Community

On a higher level, Pardes aims to build a united Jewish society in Israel and  it enables those that take part of the program to participate in the various sectors of Israel’s security mission.  As Pardes addresses contemporary threats and challenges, the participants will take part in initiatives and missions related to community and technology intelligence and economics by offering their unique skills. 


Pardes offers the participants a unique training program adapted to their lifestyle, including pre-academic preparatory courses and undergraduate studies in relevant fields, alongside traditional Torah studies. One of the unique aspects of the Pardes project is to provide work related opportunities while the students are taking part in the program. 

While maintaining their Haredi identity and aspects of life, upon completion of the program, the graduates will be able to apply to prestigious academic university programs. The placements are offered to those who will complete the courses of Intelligence Gathering, Operating Advanced High-Tech Systems, Research, Intelligence Analysis and other related courses.

The project enables those who are talented, creative and are resourceful thinkers who are prepared to commit to a demanding profession, to use their innate talents  accrued through their years of intensive torah studies to pursue a successful rewarding career  . In light of the demanding studies required by the program, Pardes offers suitable candidates scholarships, enabling them to devote themselves to their studies.