Professor Moshe Kahan
Founder and CEO of Pardes

Rabbi Moshe Kahan is a graduate of Yeshivat Tifrah and the Mir yeshiva, where he also served as the head of a chabura (study group). He is a graduate with honors in the Hebrew and Arabic languages, and subsequently acquired a master’s degree and a PhD with a distinction of Honors in both the Hebrew language and Semitic literature.

Rabbi Kahan has been a lecturer on the Quran as well as on the Hebrew language and classical Arabic at Bar-Ilan University, Hebrew University and Ben-Gurion University. He is an author of a series of books and articles on the Hebrew language, Islamic philosophy and other related subjects. Rabbi Kahan has received a series of awards for his academic achievements.


Rabbi Daniel Rabin- Head of Beis Hamedrash

Rabbi Daniel Rabin was born and raised in the U.K. and is a graduate of the Ponovezh and Mir Yeshivot. He is the author of Shnei Shvilin – a highly acclaimed series of sefarim on the topics of “rov and chazakah” – for which he received the prestigious Bnei Brak award for Torah literature. Rabbi Rabin has held various leadership positions in Torah institutions for students mainly from France and the U.K. Over the past 15 years, he has served as the Head of Kollel Nachlas Ish under the auspices of Beit Midrash Taharot in Jerusalem.

Three years ago, he established Beit Midrash Yad Binyamin – an innovative and unique Beit Midrash which integrates varied streams within the religious and ultra-orthodox community.

Rabbi Daniel Rabin champions the ideal of allowing those in the workplace to study Torah at the highest level.

Professor Joshua Krasna: manager of the academic and research department

Dr. Joshua Krasna served for 30 years as a senior civil servant in Israel. He was an analyst, manager of analytical teams, and diplomat (in Jordan and Canada). His last assignment was as an Instructor and Team Leader at the Israel National Defense College. He studied at Yeshiva, Columbia, and Johns Hopkins Universities, and completed his Ph.D. in Political Science at Bar Ilan University in 1999. Today, Dr. Krasna is a senior research fellow at several Israeli and American think-tanks, and writes widely on Middle East issues. He teaches in the graduate programs at the Hebrew University and New York University. 

Dr. Orit Reiter: head of human resource development and strategic alliances.

Orit is a senior Industrial-Organizational Psychologist, with 25 years of experience in evaluation, assessment, and development of screening processes. Orit led the managerial assessment unit at the Prime Minister’s Office for senior managerial levels. Orit provides consulting services for different organizations (e.g. Israeli Air Force, Israeli Army Intelligence, Israeli Police, different Non-Governmental Organizations – NGOs).

Orit holds a bachelor’s degree (B.A) in Psychology from Tel-Aviv University, and a Master’s (M.A) degree in Social and Organizational Psychology from Tel Aviv University both with honors. Orit has also completed a program in Administration and Management studies at Harvard University. Orit is in advanced stages towards her doctoral research in Cultural Intelligence and diversity at Haifa University.

Orit is responsible for the screening and evaluation process for the program, the placement processes with the target organizations, personal consulting, and development of the program fellows.

Moshe Cohen – Director of Content and Projects.

Moshe Cohen served as a combat soldier in the Paratroopers and as a combat officer. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Middle Eastern Studies and Arabic Literature from the Hebrew University, and a Master’s degree in Political Science and Security Studies from the University of Haifa.

Moshe served 22 years in key intelligence and counterterrorism posts in the General Security Service (Shin Bet), including 13 years in senior management positions.

In his role at Pardes, he is in charge of building new collaborations, and managing.

Barak Grinfield –Positions  and Headcount Development Manager

Served in the IDF Combat Engineering Corps and completed his service as a  company commander. Served in the Prime Minister’s Office as an analyst and progressed to senior management positions in counter-terror intelligence.

Graduate BSc in Physiotherapy at Tel Aviv University and MA in Government with a specialization in Counter Terrorism and Homeland Security at Reichman University. International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT) fellow

Professor Norman (Noam) Stillman
Head of Academic Department

Noam (Norman) A. Stillman is the Schusterman/Josey Professor of Judaic History Emeritus at the University of Oklahoma and Founding Director of its Center for Judaic & Israel Studies.  He is an internationally recognized authority on the history and culture of the Islamic world and on Sephardi and Oriental Jewry.   
He is the author of seven books and numerous articles in several languages.  His book The Jews of Arab Lands in Modern Times, a sequel to his highly acclaimed The Jews of Arab Lands:  a History and Source Book (Jewish Publication Society, 1979 and 1991) was nominated for the National Jewish Book Award.  He is the Executive Editor of the award-winning five-volume Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World which contains more than 2,200 entries.

Hagay Gilan Gluskinus
Professional Coordinator

Hagay Gilan Gluskinus is an alumnus of the Or Etzion and Merkaz Harav yeshivas. He served in the army as a Navy Seals soldier for four years. After his service, he joined the Mossad where he worked for more than 25 years. During his time at the Mossad, he occupied a number of positions, the last of which was head of the operations department for six almost years. Gilan- Gluskinus left the Mossad with the rank of Major General. Today, Gilan- Gluskinus partners with several business companies, serves in several directorial positions and is a business entrepreneur.